2016 Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Except for Night Tea

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1. This book only accepts Master of Accounting (MPAcc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Audit (MAud), Master of Public Operations (MPA), Master of Library and Information (MLIS), Master of Tourism Practice (MTA), Master of Engineering, Master of Practice (MEM), etc., died;

1, MTA project features

1. Sitting on a different curriculum training system: comprehending the knowledge, talents and literacy of the curriculum, the course consists of four courses, namely, tourism operation, professional operation, civilized and professional literacy, and characteristic case study, real-life study. Forward-looking, effective, and speculative.

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2. The test score of the test must be reached to the Class A national line of the test-related test (exhibition total score and single subject);

Master of Mediation Professional Practice

Lin teacher: 0571-280800167

3. Convergence test and death According to the following conditions: In addition to the night 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) education undergraduate course, there are 3 years and above work experience; in addition to night work, there are 5 years and above work experience; have received a master's degree or special A person who has a teaching position of 2 years and above. When the career is planned, it will be divided into September 1st when the company is completed.

2. Strengthening the actual face-to-face reality: Initiating the concept of being professional, arrogant and arrogant, and sitting on a different form of death, the content of the course emphasizes comprehensively opening up the closed-end elements and links of tourism operations, and attaches importance to tracking the latest international operations and footwork. Incorporate into the real-life tutor mechanism, and carry out case studies, real-life studies, and exchanges and 凤凰娱乐(fh03.cc) dialogues on typical travel individual companies or enterprises, and raise the practical and real-world skills.

3. The team of degraded teachers was opened: the school was promoted by the school's junior faculty and the hiring department of the school, and the industry team was introduced, and the industry's well-known entrepreneurs, the industry's fine-minded, and the owners' management department experts were built to support the team. In addition to the ingenious teachings of the domestic and industrial education in Zhejiang, the industry’s senior practitioners and senior experts, and the relevant authorities have even taught and offered special lectures. The Institute has specially hired the experts to establish a team of experts in the field of tourism and master's degree programs, and on the basis of the MTA project, 凤凰彩票(fh03.cc) the number of deaths and the amount of personnel training will be carried out to ensure the professional and professional quality of MTA teachers.

The lower school said that it would attract Zhejiang industrial and commercial education in addition to night education

2, MTA training tools

1. Business owners and operators of hotels, non-ya travel agencies, scenic spots, exhibitions, etc.;

Location, Province, Zhejiang

Known time of containment

2. Tourism finance and investment, tourism, interest, art, tourism and leisure, and other business owners and operators;

Master of Tourism Administration (MTA, MasterofTourismAdministration), with the help of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce, in addition to the night education business, and the death of teaching and learning, the construction of the domestically renowned expert educators, the teachings of the money, the purpose is to help the hands of the staff to control the tourism industry to die We will work hard to develop a situation in which we will develop a situation in which we have an internationalized vision, a dead market environment, a good-looking and savvy, and a middle-and-lower-end tourism operation operator. In addition to the night school MTA in Zhejiang, the MTA was in sync with the 56th school of the Qi State in 2011. The first, second and third faculty members have successfully completed their careers.


3. Middle and lower level operators of the competent authorities of the tourism authorities and the tourism industry;

4. Tourism planning, tourism construction, and professionals who have no fascinating views;

Contact: Huang Faculty: 0571-28008147

5. Other people who are interested in dealing with the miracle of the travel professional manager.

[2016 Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial College Master of Tourism (MTA) Postgraduate Mediation]

Introduction to the MTA project:

Contact format: Zhejiang Industry and Commerce, in addition to night education and the city of the city, the MTA teaching center

QQ group: 185186813 (please deliberately reduce the group taste)

3, MTA characteristic target policy

Announcement time 2016-03-14 16:24:40

Comprehensively thinking about the policy of tourism teaching tributaries, the scope of our school's tourism research and the downwind, the war in Zhejiang and the small triangle tourism industry, and the need for talents. There are six guidelines for the study of tourism: tourism enterprises Transformation and property upgrading, tourism economy and operation, township tourism planning and operation, tourism policy, less death and manipulation, tourism cost and heritage protection and operation, international hotel operations, etc.